Friday, November 2, 2018


I always show my home office on my Insta-stories, and I get so many requests for a full office tour with decor details on social media. I have finally decided to do a whole blog post dedicated to my home office! 

As a blogger, you can imagine that I have a ton of shoes. Some are designer, and some are not. I keep all of my designer heels (not including boots because I keep them in their original boxes to protect them) in my office on display. I keep my sneakers, flats, sandals, and non-designer shoes in my main closet in my bedroom. The shoes on my shoe shelves in my office, and a few select handbags (I don't have enough space for all of my handbags in my office), are the priciest things in my office. 

Besides my art work,(most of the fashion art work is by one of my favorite artists- Oliver Gal), almost all of my office decor is from Homegoods. This even includes the white love seat sofa, all of the pillows, rug, and two fun office chairs. Homegoods is by far one of my favorite stores for decorating. As you've seen on my Insta-stories, I am always there. I can spend hours in Homegoods.

The question I get asked the most about my office is, where I bought my shoe shelves from. My shoe shelves are actually white book shelves from Overstock, that I put together all by myself...Girl Power!

I must admit, the first one was a little frustrating to build since I had never built a book shelf this large before and I did it alone, (it helps If you have someone holding the planks when you are hammering it together). If you are solo, with patience, you can do it! Once you get the first one down, it becomes so easy!  

My advice: I recommend buying at least two, because you never know when you will buy more shoes, and it's better to have them already built so you don't have to deal with building them again. Count your shoes before and decide how many shelves you will need, and where exactly you will be putting them. Before I moved, I had them in my bedroom which looked really cute too. 

I also have a great sturdy clothing rack in my office. I receive clothing in the mail everyday as a blogger and I needed a place to hang everything up. Even If you are not a blogger, having a clothing rack in your home that is separate from your closet, really helps plan outfits better and gives you space to separate newer things from things you've already worn. 

Besides Homegoods, two other affordable online stores I love are Wayfair and Overstock. Both are GREAT places to by home/office decor and furniture from! Both stores offer quality items and many options. I have posted details for almost all of my office decor below. xx 

:: Details ::

3.) Rug (Also comes in grey)
4.) White Love Seat (More colors available)
5.) Furry Computer Chair (Also comes in pink) 
7.) Fashion Coffee Table Books (Different designers available)
8.) LV Box Handbag Artwork by Oliver Gal (Different designers available)
9.) Gucci Multiple Handbag Artwork by Oliver Gal (More sizes available)
11.) 10 Drawer Plastic Storage With Wheels (More colors available. Perfect for organizing makeup and accessories!)
13.)Bonjour LV Luggage Artwork by Oliver Gal (More sizes available) 
15.) White Wooden Hangers (More styles available)
17.) Gucci Blue Handbag Artwork by Oliver Gal (More sizes available)
19.) Faux Fur Pillows (Tons of colors and more styles available)


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