Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Bahamas Summer Vacay at SLS Baha Mar


 As you can see, I am a huge fan of SLS hotels. I just love going to a resort knowing it's from the sbe group, because everything is going be pure luxury. I just came back from a super fun and relaxing trip at the SLS Baha Mar. This was probably one of the most fun trips I have been on, and that is saying a lot because I have traveled all around the world. The resort has so much to offer, and so many options as far as activities and restaurants. There's a spa, casino, boutiques, an incredible beach, multiple pools, a water park, an animal sanctuary, and multiple restaurants- what more could you ask for?! The resort is located in Baha Mar, on the island of Nassau. 

This resort is huge, you will definitely need at least three days to see everything. I recommend staying longer than three days if you can. You will not get bored, trust me. Between fun in the sun, the beautiful beach with crystal clear waters, the animal sanctuary, and the casino- there's really so much to see! I did go into downtown one of the days and walked around to see the shops. I love the old buildings and history in Nassau.

My room was in an incredible Ocean View Signature Suite. I enjoyed seeing the sunrise and sunset from my beautiful hotel room's balcony. Well, my room was honestly an apartment it was so spacious. I will definitely be back! 

I received a lot of questions on Instagram on whether or not I felt safe because of Covid, and my answer is, I felt safer than being in Miami as far as Covid goes. Mainly because the hotel does such an amazing job at making sure everyone is wearing a mask when walking indoors. (If you are seated inside a restaurant or outdoors, you can obviously take off your mask.) Masks are required in the lobby, throughout the hotel indoors, and in the casino. Not to mention, you have to provide a negative Covid test upon arrival to the Bahamas. The hotel also offers a complimentary Covid test for your departure flight back to the U.S., which is soooo convenient. You will never have to leave the resort during your stay if you don't wish to. 

*All swimwear in this post is by Tosh Swimwear

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:: Outfit Details ::

Dress:: (More colors available) Sundry
Sunglasses:: (More colors available) Etnia Barcelona  

:: Outfit Details ::

Cover up:: Vitamin A
Bikini:: Tosh Swimwear
Bag::(Also comes in blue) Sirena Tosh
Sunglasses:: Dior 
Butterfly Necklace:: Electric Picks
Butterfly Earrings:: HeyMaeve
Sandals:: (More colors available) Louise et Cie

:: Outfit Details ::

Dress:: Camilla
Bag::(Also comes in pink) Sirena Tosh
Sunglasses:: Dior 

:: Outfit Details ::

Accessories (in first pic):: Maria Victoria
Turquoise Bikini:: Tosh Swimwear
Bag:: Yosuzi
Sunglasses (Poolside):: (More colors available) Banbee 

:: Outfit Details ::

Set:: Rahi
Bag:: Yosuzi
Sandals:: Dior



:: Outfit Details ::

Bag:: Balenciaga from FWRD
Butterfly Earrings:: HeyMaeve
Shoes:: (More colors available) Dolce Vita

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