Sunday, December 27, 2020

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays

I hope everyone is staying safe, wearing a mask, and enjoying the little things in life, because those are the most important things.  

At the beginning of the month, I initially planned to do a Holiday post with all of my Holiday photos from the month of December in one post, which I am still doing, but now this post means so much more to me. 

Unfortunately, the unexpected happened on the morning of December 20th. I received a phone call early in the morning with extremely sad news that my grandfather had passed away. I am still processing everything that has happened between that morning and now. It isn't easy, but this shock has taught me to definitely slow down and really live out each day and appreciate every single thing. From the breath of air I take when I wake up each morning, to my morning cup of coffee, to each walk with my dogs, to every meal I eat, every message I exchange with loved ones, every sunset I watch from my apartment- those are the things I am so grateful for, and the things that mean the world to me.     
Just the other day he was commenting on my Facebook wall. He was 75 years young. No matter the distance, my grandfather has been my best friend my whole life and we both share the same hobbies: traveling the world, cars, animals, & photography. He was in the air force and the aviation world, and I always loved how he could identify any plane flying overhead. He was always so fearless, and I’d like to think I take after him. I have a new guardian angel now. This post is dedicated to my grandpa.

I miss you so much Grandpa. I love you. RIP ❤️🕊 

:: Outfit Details ::

Gold dress:: Saylor 
Samantha's red dress:: Reformation 

:: Outfit Details ::

Red dress:: Oh Polly 
Pearl bag:: From St Xavier
Hair clips:: Soho Style 

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Cropped sweater top:: Guess
Faux fur coat:: Guess
Jeans:: Guess 
Large candle:: Hotel Collection 

:: Outfit Details ::

Orchid Floral Arrangement:: Jim Threlkel Botanicals
Champagne flute:: Amazon
White croc booties:: Sam Edelman 


In Loving Memory of my Grandfather, Gregory L. Jordan 🕊

Monday, December 14, 2020

Holiday Haul with BB Dakota


Happy Holidays!

I recently collaborated with one of my favorite clothing brands, BB Dakota, for a Holiday Haul. I love BB Dakota because they create the cutest, great quality clothing at an affordable price. See & shop all of my favorite Holiday looks by BB Dakota below.

Use code "JASMINE40" (until the end of December), to get 40% off your order!
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:: All Outfit Details ::

Sequin duster (Also comes in rose gold and silver)
Vegan leather blouse(From ig stories)(Also comes in black)  

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A trip to LA LA Land

During the last week of October, I went to LA. This was my first trip post-Covid 19 life. I was obviously really nervous to travel, but I've always been a germ freak, so I was extra cautious. I wore two masks during the flight, and gloves at the airport, especially when going through security. I tired not to touch things unless it was truly necessary.  

I traveled to LA with my baby boy, Louie the Pom. I am so blessed that he is an amazing travel dog. He sat on my lap and slept the entire flight- each way. I purposely picked a super early flight on my way to LA so it wouldn't be too crowded. On my way back to Miami, I picked a late night flight for the same reason. It was actually great because on both flights, everyone slept most of the flight, and people weren't walking around too much.    

 I stayed at the fabulous SLS Beverly Hills. I am a fan of the South Beach SLS, so I was super excited to stay at the Beverly Hills location. It is conveniently located in Beverly Hills. It is really in the center of everything which is great. The room was so spacious, it even had a large marble table I used to work on each morning. The staff at the hotel was extremely nice, and their rooftop pool is so photo-worthy with a great sunset view!

The only thing I regret not doing this trip, is renting a car. I was there for 5 days, and dreaded taking ubers. I didn't really feel comfortable in most of my ubers because LA is a crowded city, and I am almost positive the driver's do not sanitize their cars as often as they should. I did however feel completely safe in LA in general, because everyone has to wear a mask in public, especially indoors, just like Miami. Indoor dining is not allowed anywhere in LA- outdoor seating only. This made me feel very comfortable as well.

This was mainly a work trip, normally my LA trips are a 40% work, and 60% eating, ha! I didn't get to go to all of my favorite spots, but I accomplished a lot work wise, and best of all I got to see friends including my good friend Fancy James, who was also in LA buying for his new boutique that just opened in Boca Raton!

 Shop all of my outfits below from my trip!

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Jeans:: Sold Out  Black Orchid | Shop a very similar pair here 
Hoop Earrings:: Baublebar
Shoes:: (More colors available!) Franco Sarto

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Blue Dress:: Oh Polly 

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