Monday, March 30, 2020

Spend This Time To Declutter Your Life

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I hope everyone is doing well mentally, physically, and spiritually. Remember that your state of mind is always super important, but now more than ever. I know from experience, that decluttering your physical space definitely helps you spiritually and mentally! 

I am by no means an expert on social distancing. Although, I am naturally a homebody, so I sure have been practicing it way before any of this pandemic started. I am also by no means a health expert, these are just my tips, (and what I’ve been doing personally), on how to use this time to declutter your home, and be efficient while social distancing. 

Tip: Wayfair and Target (Particularly this Target brand), and Anthropologie are my go-to websites for everything home related. (I usually check out a few of my local Homegoods  stores once a month for great finds- but as you know, they're closed until further notice.) 


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•I always start with the clothing on hangers:

-My closet is organized by color. I like to keep all of the whites and neutrals (this includes, grey, beige, tan, cream) together, and then it goes in order by rainbow order.

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Shop this clothing rack here
Shop a variety of affordable clothing racks from Wayfair here

•Life Hack: If your closet is small, or If you want to display a cute rack of your favorite clothing (like I do in my home office slash walk-in closet), set up a clothing rack in a corner of a room to decorate your space. If you're blessed with an extra bedroom or a den, you can turn it into a walk-in closet.

Tip: It's not about how big or small your space is, it's about what you do with it.

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Shop these drawers here (They also come in white)
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•Organize your jeans, folded clothing, lingerie, and all clothing in dresser drawers. This will also help you decide what you don't need anymore.

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Click here to see what I use for my shoe shelves in my Home Office blog post (Shop #1 and #2).

•Create shoe shelves in your home. This helps you organize your shoes by color and makes it easier to style outfits. 

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Shop a similar gold shelf (on sale) from Wayfair here

•You can also find cute shelves to organize your bags and shoes- creating a chic boutique environment at home. 

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Shop a similar gold jewelry box from Wayfair here

•Organize your accessories! This can be anything from sunglasses, to shoes and belts, to bags, to jewelry. (This acrylic organizer is great for sunglasses, jewelry, etc.)

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•This is also a fantastic time to organize your makeup, bathroom cabinets/drawers, and vanities. Ladies, throw out your old and expired makeup! (I like to use these acrylic organizers to display my makeup)

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Shop a similar gold mirrored tray from Wayfair hereShop the pearl makeup brush holder here

Click here for more storage and organization products from Wayfair.

Tip: Explore Pinterest for closet [organization] ideas


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•Kitchen Pantry:

-Organize your entire kitchen and pantry. Use containers (like these from the Container Store) to organize everything from your food, to spices, to your paper towels! 

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-If you are healthy and showing no symptoms, and do choose to leave your house for a quick outing, please consider giving any excess foods to the homeless. It’s as simple as bagging up food you don’t need/ don’t care for/ or food that is about to expire (NOT EXPIRED). Instead of throwing it away, please consider donating it to a local organization or leaving it in a safe open area where there are homeless people in need. 

***(If you have symptoms please don’t risk other’s lives, esp. people who are vulnerable on the street. Stay home please!)


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Clean out drawers & shelves in your entire house and just throw out things you do not need. The key here is to declutter! 

• Indoor plants are natural humidifiers. Add some plants inside your home (to different rooms that get good sunlight) like a fern, for your health and aesthetics.  

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Outdoor Space

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•Redecorate your balcony, patio, or backyard! (I am currently doing this and I love what I've found on Target, WayfairWorld Market, and Serena & Lily.)

-Spend more time outside! Where would you rather be right now? Tulum, Miami, Palm Springs, Mykonos? Turn your outdoor space (no matter how small) into a resort-like atmosphere with new decor. Add some pretty planters for plants, pouf ottomans, a rattan rug (safe for rain), and candles (cute lanterns optional). You'll never want to leave! 

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My Tips On Killing Time

•Read books/magazines/ those cute fashionable coffee table books that have only been used as decor.

•Start watching new things on TV/Netflix that you would have never watched before.

•Learn about something new on YouTube.

•Make travel plans for whenever it’s safe to travel again. Research other countries and learn about their culture online.

•Spread the word on your social media about local shelters and help save the lives of dogs/cats that need fosters and fur-ever homes. This is a great time to adopt and save our furry friends!  

-I love to help spread awareness about the animals who need to be rescued via these two instagram accounts dedicated to helping save dogs/cats:(both encourage fostering) Urgent Dogs of Miami and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

•If you have a backyard, start exercising outside! (By the way if you can do this, I totally envy you- this is my dream!)

•If you live in a condo like me, use your yoga mat and stretch at least once a day. Don't let stress effect to your physical & mental state. If you don't have a yoga mat, stretching daily to loosen your muscles will help with stress. 

•Buy a bike and ride alone along a trail or preferred route. This has become a daily routine for me and I love the fresh air outside- while social distancing of course. 

•When you’re scrolling through social media on your phone- spread positive comments and compliment others. Spread positivity, (it helps with anxiety), some people could be feeling really sad, lonely, anxious, or depressed right now. Bring a smile to someone’s face.

•Learn something new/pick up a new hobby.

•Follow up with all of your emails! (Unsubscribe to all of the junk emails from senders you no longer care about- the theme is declutter your life!)

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•Don't know what to do on the weekend? Have brunch at home! (Or dinner) If you have a balcony or backyard, set it up and make it look cute for the gram. Enjoy the fresh air and good food!

Tip: Passover and Easter are right around the corner. Whether you're alone, or with loved one(s), celebrate a nice meal outdoors.

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•Organize your drawers and cabinets. You would be surprised how much junk you can accumulate in a year! Organize your belongings like a hotel or store so it's easier to find things.

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Shop these exact plastic organizers here

-Tip: Take everything out of it's original packaging, and organize your items in plastic organizers.

•Take this time to wash all of your linens, dirty clothes, and towels. Try to kill as many germs as possible! 

•Call/FaceTime/Skype/Zoom friends and family to catch up and spread positivity. Keep in mind, some people might be going through loneliness during this isolating time, and may have a hard time expressing it.

• Change the feng shui in your living space/home office/backyard. I just did this in my bedroom. It really works!

•Learn how to cook or bake and make new things in the kitchen. (Start with small portions so you don’t waste any food.) I am actually currently learning how to make different soups!

•If you have the right appliances, learn how to make different types of smoothies with fresh ingredients. Make sure you’re still getting your daily nutrients even though we’re all stuck at home. I recently bought a nutribullet and it has been life changing, I love it!

•Very important! Make a budget chart. Plan where your money is going right now. Make plans for your future income. 

•If you’re a blogger like me, take this time to film/shoot new content at home. Share a diary with your fans and keep them informed with your life, and always remember to spread positive vibes. If people look up to you, whatever you project, is what they will receive. 

•Have an overall plan for your future! This chaos will all end eventually, make sure you have a financial and overall life plan for yourself. You can still focus on your goals at home.

•Catch up on sleep. Just refrain from becoming lethargic - stay productive.

Catch up on tasks you’ve been needing to get done. (Ones you can accomplish by staying safe at home.) 

•Join TikTok. Yes I said it. I finally gave in and created mine today. Search for me: Jasmine Tosh

•Spend time searching Pinterest. You can find a ton of redecorating, DIY's, and travel ideas.

•If you have a budget for it: Shop for cute outfits for the brighter days ahead. I highly recommend RevolveNordstrom, and Shopbop.

•If you are on a tight budget, create new outfit combos out of what you already own! Go through your closet, rearrange things, get ride of things you don't want anymore.

•Make a wish list and start virtually redecorating a room in your home! (Or the whole place.) You'll get so into it, you will kill a few hours- trust me. I always like to use Wayfair because they offer a huge variety.

-Check out my Home blog post here for more ideas.

(This is my bathroom.)  All art from Oliver Gal

•Shop new art for your home! Why not order something pretty for those walls!? If you love fashion and unique art, I love Oliver Gal art, they have the coolest unique pieces! (They even make awesome custom pet portraits for your pets.)
  **Use code "Jasmine15" for 15% off your order
(Offer valid until 4/30) 

•Learn a new language. Let's be real, THIS is the time to learn!

•Eat healthy and start that diet you’ve been meaning to start. 

•Take more hot baths to relax your muscles. I am obsessed with Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt products because it helps relax and reduce the swelling of your muscles. The lavender scent relaxes you and helps you sleep! (Bonus: add a glass of wine)

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Shop this adjustable bamboo bath tub tray here

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•Focus on your skincare routine, take a break from makeup- give your pores a break!

•Do more face masks! I have been using a new one every other day. Sephora has the best options in my opinion

•Do a hair mask! Work on applying less heat to your hair while being quarantined at home, give your hair a break too! Sephora has a great selection of hair repair masks.

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Give your self a mani/pedi! I mean, you kind of have to now anyways. This portable foot spa has great reviews and apparently the water stays very hot - yay! (Here are some other foot spa's from Amazon to try at home.) Who doesn't want to dip their feet in warm water that also massages your feet?!

•Meditate. Turn everything off and just breathe.

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Shop this tea organizer here

•Drink more tea! I drink green tea every single day (no sugar!) because it's loaded with antioxidants, increases immunity and prevents infection, and naturally boosts your metabolism! (Read about the benefits of green tea here.) 

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-Since I have more time at home now, I started cutting lemons and adding it to my tea at home. There are so many great teas out there with so many benefits. Recently, I've been drinking a relaxing chamomile and mint tea at night after dinner (before bed) to relax me. 

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•Focus on self-love! Whatever that may be, don't forget this is very important. I am taking more bubble baths, riding my bike for exercise, and I ordered this foot spa massager that I cannot wait to use while I work from home.

•Make a list of things for which you are grateful for. Read it everyday, especially days where you feel down. 

•Pray. Talk to God. Express your worries, ask for help, but also talk about how thankful you are for everything that you do have. Everyday I wake up, I thank God for another day of life. Remember that there's always someone who has it way worse than you. Pray for them too.

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My tips on Keeping germs out of your life: 

•I receive packages daily because of my job. I have been refraining from bringing the actual boxes into my living space. I wear latex gloves to pick up the packages from my building's front desk, and open them in the lobby, placing the inside contents in a reusable shopping bag that I’ve brought from my apartment. I immediately place the boxes or plastic envelopes in our building’s recycling bins. Try your best to keep outside germs out of your living space!

•I’ve been doing this my whole life- no shoes in the house!

•Frequently clean your floors, especially if you or your family sit on the floors/rugs often.

•Wipe your counter tops/tables off with Lysol disinfectant wipes every single day. Germs accumulate on countertops and table tops!

•Spray your bed and furniture down with Lysol disinfectant spray! Especially now that you’ve been sitting on your furniture more than usual.

•Wipe your computer and phone down at least every single day with a disinfectant wipe- there should be no exception to this! Think about how many times you touch your phone and computer/tablets in a day.

•Wipe your keys/key fobs and wallets down! A lot of people forget to do this.

•Take your trash out frequently! All of those dirty wipes and paper towels that you just used to clean are sitting in your garbage can right now. 


•Please don’t neglect your pets! Make sure to give them extra playtime so they don’t feel any anxiety that you or your family may be having at this time. Also don’t forget to give them baths! They want to be clean too.

I want to say a special thank you to the medical professionals, warehouse workers, grocery store workers, pet store workers, truck drivers, fire fighters, front desk workers, restaurant workers, farmers, generous neighbors looking after others, janitors, garbagemen, and other sanitation workers risking their lives to save others.

Stay home and stay safe everyone!