Friday, May 15, 2020


:: Details ::

Outdoor furniture set:: (A variety of styles available) Wayfair 

Loveseat bench cushion:: (A variety of styles available) Amazon

Outdoor rug:: (More styles and colors available - I have the "Cape Town" rug in green 5x8) Jill Zarin Home

Rattan foot ottoman:: (More cushion prints available- I have the parrot print) Wayfair 

Blue bird pillow:: Target
Tan pillow with tassels:: Target
Tiger lumbar pillow:: Target 
 Shop a variety of outdoor pillows from Target here

Wicker elephant planter:: (Similar) Kohl's 

Mosaic accent table:: (More colors available) World Market | Shop a variety of mosaic accent tables here

Large blue planters:: (Different sizes available) Walmart 
Shop a variety of fun planters from Target here

Vogue On Location book:: Amazon 
Marrakesh By Design book:: Amazon
Stoned book:: Amazon

Clear jar mug:: Target
Fruit coffee mug:: Target

Black led light lanterns:: (These are awesome and have self timers- I have two large and two small) Target

Rattan tan handbag:: Sirena Tosh
Louie's Clothing:: Dog Fedora Hat and Shirt

I hope everyone is hanging in there! I am big on self care, and If you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen me recently redecorate my balcony (that I hardly used before), into my own little at-home oasis. Since I work form home, it's always been important for me to have a space that I feel comfortable and at peace in. Creating a space for myself to feel the same outside, has been really important to me during quarantine- and something I will always do wherever I live. 

I really love being outside, and I never realized how beautiful the sunsets were from my balcony. My dogs and I have been spending a lot of time out there. 

 My at-home oasis has been a place for me to work, read, eat, stretch, find peace, and even have photoshoots. Why redecorate now? Well, honestly I have always loved interior design, (you can see my home blog post here), and with quarantine happening in March, I figured it was the perfect time to do it. I am certainly so happy I did!     

 With everyday being the same these days, I really wanted a fun and colorful space to bring some happiness and excitement to my everyday activities. I love drinking my morning coffee outside every morning while checking my email. I already had a few pieces of furniture outside, (my bench, table, and another set of two chairs and a table), but It was just missing something. That something was personality. 

Honestly, in any space, besides the main pieces of furniture- it all begins with a rug. A rug literally creates the space. I was gifted my gorgeous green outdoor rug by Jill Zarin from her brand, Jill Zarin Home. My living room is boho themed and mostly shades of neutrals with pops of green and hints of blue. 

I wanted my new oasis to be a reflection of my living room. I've always been a fan of world/bohemian style, and recently I've been obsessed with Marrakesh style- glass lanterns, printed floor pillows, mosaic tile, & pops of color. After my rug was delivered, I picked out some new pillows from Target, a new sage green bench cushion, printed coasters, and large blue planters to compliment the rug and create my Marrakesh-boho space. 

You don't have to go crazy and spend a ton of money to redecorate. If you already have chair(s)/outdoor furniture, all you need to start with is a rug- not just any rug, pick a rug that reflects the vibe you are going after. Next step, add pillows that go with your theme. Pillows are meant to be fun, mix and match within the same color theme.  

(Tip: If you have pillows already, you can revamp them by adding new pillow covers that go with your new theme.)

Next, add an accent table, and/or a garden stool, outdoor candles or lanterns for sunset/evening, and other decor that go with your theme. You don't need to go overboard, just add what you think will give your space personality. For example, my wicker tray, blue mosaic accent tables, and fun printed coasters really added the personality and color my balcony needed!

Last but not least, every space needs at least one plant. (Both, indoor and outdoor spaces.) I went to the Fresh Market because they have a great selection of small plants, and my local nursery for new plants to add to my balcony. Below, is a picture of these plants on the other side of my balcony.

(Tip: Your local Walmart Supercenter will have a great nursery with a ton of plants to choose from. They also have planters and gardening supplies.) 

I even bought a new blue orchid and an indoor plant for my living room. You would be surprised how much a fern or orchid can brighten up your space. The best part about buying plants, is the planters/pots they sit in! Keep your theme going by mixing and matching within the same color theme- adding different sized and textured planters as well.   

I hope I've inspired you to create or redecorate a space in your home, not just for quarantine, but a forever at-home oasis for you to enjoy and clear your mind.