Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas

This week, I stayed at The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas in the USVI. St. Thomas is one of my favorite islands, so being hosted by The Ritz-Carlton made the trip very special. The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas is the best resort on the entire island. I had a stunning ocean view room during my three night stay. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Cathy from Chris Limo. She was so sweet, and a private car service is such a great way to arrive to your hotel.

At the Cyril E. King Airport in St. Thomas. 

With Cathy from Chris Limo. 

The drive from the airport is about 35 mins, and has the most stunning views of the island. The roads in St. Thomas are winding and the drive to the resort is uphill. You can see the whole island driving through the tops of the hills. The drive is truly stunning, and every corner of St. Thomas is picture perfect. The resort's lobby immediately puts you in vacation mode. It is an outdoor lobby, with a magnificent ocean view. I was immediately greeted with delicious fresh guava juice (rum optional). 

Personalized cupcakes of my Pomeranian, Louie and my logo.

I was greeted by the most amazing personalized cupcake platter I have ever seen! There were three (super delicious) cupcakes with pictures of my adorable pup, Louie, and my logo on them. That was really cool to see! And to top it off, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot rosé- my favorite. My room view was gorgeous, overlooking the resort and the beautiful beach. Everyone said it had been raining for a week straight, before I came. So, I am guessing I brought the Miami sun with me. 

After eating one of the cupcakes, I immediately changed into a tropical outfit to go down to the beach and grab lunch at Sails Restaurant. The sun was out, the water was turquoise and bright, and the lunch was very tasty. There was a very interesting pool party going on at the main infinity pool next to the restaurant. I took a photo with one of the performers on stilts. He was very nice and danced a little for my fans on snap chat. 

Everyone at the resort was so friendly and this guy was quite the dancer. 

The view from the terrace at Sails Restaurant. 

That night I ate at Bleuwater Restaurant. The menu was exactly what I was in the mood for. Bleuwater is a steakhouse and everything you order is amazing and the service is wonderful. If you want to sit outside, they have fire pits at each table, which I thought was a very cool touch. 

Breakfast with a view. 

On the second day, I started the morning out early with a big breakfast at The Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge. The Club Lounge is a relaxed lounge environment that has a dedicated concierge to help with all of you needs, and scheduled meals, snacks, and beverages offered throughout the day. If you're like me and always want to sit outside, they have a beautiful terrace overlooking the beach. 

I took the 15 minute ferry that goes from St. Thomas to St. John (another USVI) at noon and spent the day there. St. John is gorgeous and has less people than St. Thomas. If you like nature, then you will love St. John! It is truly gorgeous and I highly recommend visiting Cinnamon Bay.

On the pier at Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI.

I got back to the resort just in time for my 50 minute massage. The massage was perfect, and my masseuse, Rita was fantastic. I highly recommend her. She used a special muscle relaxer cream on my back to help take the knots out. I travel a lot, and my back tends to hurt and I get knots. She is amazing, and I felt brand new again after the massage. 

Sitting on a cool palm tree at Cruz Bay. 

That evening, I ate at the Italian restaurant, Essenza. The cuisine is authentic Italian and is AMAZING. The staff was even more amazing. My server Kervin was one of the niecest people I have ever met, with very interesting stories. If you eat here, you have to ask for Kervin. Jaime is also very sweet, and the manager Melony too. I ordered a mixed greens salad, and a rigatoni pomodoro pasta. I mentioned that I love strawberry shortcake, and Kervin asked the chef to make me a custom dessert. It was the best strawberry shortcake I've ever had! 

On the third day, I boarded The Ritz-Carlton's very own Catamaran, The Lady Lynsey, that goes to Jost Van Dyke, BVI. I was worried that I would get a little sea sick, but It actually was so much fun, I didn't feel nauseous at all! The boat has snacks and an open bar. The first stop is a spot off of St. John where you can snorkel If you'd like. I actually didn't snorkel because It was 9am and I didn't want to get my hair wet. But I did take lots of pictures on the boat!

After a quick 40 min stop, Captain Richard takes the Lady Lynsey towards it's final destination, Jost Van Dyke, BVI. It takes about 45 mins to get there from St. John. Luckily, the sun was out and it was an extremely beautiful day. On the way to the BVI, there are so many gorgeous untouched islands and rocks, everywhere you look is straight out of a movie. 

The water really is this blue!

When you finally get to Jost van Dyke, (around noon) the crew takes a small boat to the island with the passports to clear customs. The process was very quick, and at this point I was super excited to get off the boat and head to the beach. The water in the BVI is like water nothing I have ever seen in person. It was literally turquoise. Yes, just like the stone. The beach is called White Bay, and If you google it, you can really see what I mean. It has a white sand bottom, and is stunning! There is a famous bar on the beach called "Soggy Dollar Bar." It is called that because once you dock, you have to swim to the beach. It's only about 50 feet away, but you can imagine everything in your pockets getting wet. Hence, the name, Soggy Dollar Bar.

After spending a few hours on the beach, The Lady Lynsey had to take us back to The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas. I took some of the best pictures I have ever taken on White Bay Beach.  

Chicken tenders and sweet potato fries for lunch. 

I didn't have to swim to shore, thanks to this inflatable life saver. 

Gorgeous view from the top of a hill at White Bay. If you look closely, you can see cactus growing.

Aboard the Lady Lynsey. 

Walking along White Bay Beach. 

On the way back to St. Thomas. 

That evening I ate at Essenza again, and ordered the exact same thing as the night before because it was so good. 

On the fourth day, sadly, it was time to go back home. The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at, and everyone who works there are genuinely nice and have great attitudes. I am looking forward to going back next year! 

Until next time! 


  1. What type of camera & lens do you use? Love your photos!