Friday, January 15, 2016

NYC with C-Heads Magazine

Photography by: Lauren Engel

On my last trip to NYC, I shot with C-Heads Magazine right in my hotel room in The Roosevelt Hotel. I shot with the very talented, Lauren Engel.
This shoot was very raw with simple makeup, and minimal, fun, and super girly wardrobe!  (All fur is faux!) See the full interview here
"I don’t think that anyone truly has a perfect body. Being confident in your own skin is what makes you sexy. I have seen the most gorgeous models at castings in Miami, and some of the girls were so awkward because they weren’t confident in their own skin. You have to accept who you are, and work with it. I know my best angles, and what works with my body, so with that being said, I walk around with all of the confidence in the world. No one is perfect."

"I have modeled ever since I was just three years old. I got into blogging just two years ago because I wanted to start documenting my outfits. I love fashion and always got compliments on my outfits. I started my blog just for fun on Thanksgiving in 2013 as a fun hobby. As I received more of a following on Instagram, and positive feedback, I invested in a better camera and turned my blog into a business. I love my job because I am making a living from something that I absolutely love to do."

"True love is smiling and laughing constantly with one another. True love is having someone by your side to be excited for your next adventure with."

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