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You may already know that I am 27 years old, I am an only child, I live in Miami, I am a dog mom, I love Italian food (I eat it almost everyday)and rosé wine, I am a fashion, travel, & lifestyle blogger, and my newly launched swimwear line is Tosh Swimwear. But here are 15 things you don't know about me- let's go!

1.) I was born in Northern Cali

I was born in Walnut Creek, CA on September 20th, 1990. Walnut Creek is located in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. At a young age, my mom, who was a single mom, moved us to LA, and we eventually ended up in South Pasadena, where I started Elementary School and was raised.

2.) I started blogging in 2013

I always received compliments on my outfits, and was asked several times a day by strangers where I had bought certain things that I was wearing. I had already followed the OG bloggers like Song of Style and Sincerely Jules back then, so I decided to start documenting my outfits too with my camera in 2013, and that's when my blog was created. I have really come a long way since then.

3.)I have two dogs

You may have seen my baby boy Pomeranian, Louie on my social media accounts. I also have a beautiful ten year old blonde Chiweenie, Duchess, who keeps a low profile in her bed, and is a rescue dog from Beverly Hills. (A Chiweenie is hybrid mix of a chihuahua and Dachshund aka hot dog.)

4.) I have a blue birthmark- yes, blue!

I have a blue birthmark in the shape of a heart on the back of my right shoulder. It's about an inch long. I get asked every day of my life if it's a bruise, very annoying!

5.) My first time on tv was when I was just 1 year old

I was in a commercial promoting "In Living Color". My line was, "Homey don't play that." Classic. 

6.) I went to five different high schools

I moved a lot when I was in high school, living in places like Las Vegas, and Northern Virginia. I hated it at the time, but now I am so happy I got to experience so many different places and meet so many different kinds of people.  

7.) I love basketball

I am really good at shooting hoops- I think it's because of my long "selfie stick" arms, (I bet that's something else you didn't know about me lol), and am a huge NBA fan. Growing up in LA made be a big basketball fan as a kid. It was all about the Lakers back then. I am so happy I grew up in LA! My favorite teams right now are Thunder, Warriors, and Spurs, with high hopes for the Lakers lol.

8.) I am 5'9"

I don't think people realize that I am tall when they meet me because I am so petite-framed. I have been teased my entire life for being tall and thin. Guess who gets the last laugh. (Click here to see my daily at home work out routine and how I stay toned)

9.) I eat so many carbs daily, I have to stop myself sometimes

Not even bragging, it's a sickness. Really, I am trying to eat more veggies even though I hate vegetables. I have learned to love salad, asparagus, carrots, and mushrooms for the sake of my organs over the years.

10.) I drink green tea errrrr-day

Green tea is the key to good health, and good skin! I drink at least one cup of hot green tea a day. In the Summer, I drink iced green tea. 

11.) I have lived in Miami for 7 years now

I moved here by myself with my dog Duchess on Christmas Day in 2010.

12.) I used to model and do featured background work on tv shows & movies

I've modeled since right after high school before my blogging career. I even did featured extra work on popular tv shows and movie sets in between modeling jobs when I was 19. My first major shows included MTV's The Hard Times of RJ Berger, Glee, & Desperate Housewives.

13.) My first job was as waitress at ihop at the age of 15 1/2

I couldn't wait to make my own money, I became a waitress at the age of 15 1/2 (the legal age to work in Virginia) at a local ihop in Centerville, VA. It was a great experience, and I think it was a huge part of my great work ethic now. It was a huge responsibility having a real job that young.

14.) I am 4.1% Eskimo, 6.5% Ashkenazi Jewish, & 26.8% Spanish

I just found this out last month, thanks to to a DNA kit from MyHeritage.com 

Yes, you read that correctly. My grandmother is Canadian (from Saskatchewan), and she is French Canadian, and part Eskimo apparently. Eskimos originally came from eastern Siberia and north east Asia.

My grandmother from my dad's side, who I've only met a few times, originally came from Germany and is Jewish. 

15.) I collect shoes, teddy bears, and magnets (from places I've traveled to around the world)

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